2016-12-30 14:51:06

Paparazzi Caught Range Rover Sport Coupe

Land Rover Range Rover Sport pic

Do you think that the Range Rover Sport is too practical cheap? Its producer is preparing something solving this issue.

It will be the first-ever Range Rover Sports Coupe. Obviously, it will cost more and, besides, it will feature a smaller trunk and less rear headroom. Meanwhile the roof line will be more sloped towards the back. This will give the vehicle a pseudo-coupe silhouette. That’s what BMW has been doing with its X4 and X6 as well as Mercedes (with the GLE Coupe and GLC Coupe offerings).

The rear part of the model was hidden, but we managed to find visibly angled glass of the rear doors.

The name for this offering has not been confirmed yet, but it’s known that the Sport Coupe will place standards for the Range Rover’s design, road-focused handling and interior. According to a report, the model will have lots of similar things with the F-Pace from Jaguar.

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