2017-09-17 17:57:55

2018 Mazda CX-8 revealed in Japan

2018 Mazda CX-8 revealed in Japan

The automaker introduced a car that was available exclusively to Japanese drivers.

Japanese automotive company Mazda officially introduced its new development crossover CX-8, which became available for its motorists.

As noted, the novelty will be available in the Land of the Rising Sun no earlier than the winter of this year.

It is known that the new development was released for the "native" market for the company, where the car will be associated with a flagship designed on an architecture similar to the CX-9 "cart", which, as noted, is the only model in Japan.

CX-8 is almost identical to the older model for the design of the exterior and interior, but has a reduced size. The wheelbase kept the SUV the same - 2,930 mm - but it was 175 mm shorter (4,900 mm in length) and 129 mm narrower (1,840 mm wide). In addition, the crossover height also decreased somewhat. Mazda said that this was done primarily in order to facilitate the use of new items on Japanese roads and parking spaces.