2017-08-21 15:52:42

Expect The Desired Mazda Engine Come Out Soon

Mazda MX5 pic

According to a patent application, Mazda is developing an outstanding engine.

According to a report, the patent application is meant for a “supercharging device for an engine”. Besides, the automaker speaks about a twin-turbo engine further supported by an electric supercharger. Just like other producers that want to be in the world of electric superchargers, Mazda is going to use the tech to create low-end power when the turbochargers spool up. It could use the company’s i-Eloop set-up that is able to recover heat energy from brakes and turn it into electric power which is then stored in a supercapacitor.

The application states that the motor is used un a RWD application. Therefore, the technology can be used in the MX5 Miata. We are glad to see that the producer has not refused from the internal combustion engine nowadays.

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