2017-10-10 22:05:43

Mazda Considers Active Aerodynamics

Mazda Considers Active Aerodynamics

The latest patent filed by Mazda with the US Patent and Trademark Office confirms that the producer can consider active aerodynamics.

The patent is fora deployable/retracting rear wing integrated into the rear taillamps of a sportive vehicle. It is mentioned in the patent that the invention has to deal with a rear structure of a car provided with a rear lamp of the car and a rectifying member (for example, a rear spoiler) extending from a centre of a car width direction to an outer side in both directions.

The brand is known for innovation, so we are not surprised that it is considering active aerodynamics. The taillamps of the strange-looking car in the drawings seem to be very similar to the ones on the RX Vision Concept from Mazda.

We might see this active aero system reveal on the Mazda rotary concept that should be presented at the Motor Show held in Tokyo soon.