2016-08-26 15:41:14

Mazda RX-9 To Come In 2020

Mazda RX-9 pic

Reports suggest that the RX-Vision Concept from Mazda will give off a production RX-9 sports vehicle.

According to different sources, the company’s director board greenlighted the styling, production and engineering for the next vehicle after the RX-8. The new car will be marketed around the globe in 2020. The company will celebrate its 100th birthday with it.

An innovated concept will be shown at the next year Motor Show held in Tokyo. The production version will be presented at the same show, but in 2019.

The next-gen car engine provided for this model should use a couple of 800cc rotors and have 1.6 liters. There should be 400 hp. The focus will be kept at light weight.

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