2017-03-21 16:47:31

New Rotary Engine Patents Filed By Mazda In America

Mazda 2 pic

Mazda has patented a rotary engine technology in America. However, it will not be seen in a sports vehicle.

According to Autoblog, 2 new U.S. patents were filed by the company. The first one has to deal with a small rotary unit acting as a range extender. It is used in a plug-in hybrid EV. 4 years ago, a Mazda2 prototype could be seen with the same set-up as in the patent. That is an electric engine producing power for the front wheels. A small 0,33-litre rotary unit is placed in the rear part. It helps to keep the lithium-ion batteries charged.

As to the 2nd patent, the automaker is protecting a start-stop set-up that was created specially for rotary motors. As you may know, the position of the rotor influences the exhaust and intake ports being open or closed. So, it has to stop in a specific position while the intake is closed. In such a way no fuel or exhaust exits the intake. This system should help to preserve fuel. Meanwhile a separate set-up will fire a spark plug after fuel flow has been cut. It should help to decrease emissions.

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