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2013-07-23 11:26:35
Fresh Mazda MX-5 to Drop 220 LBS

Mazda’s broken ties with Ford and recent change to a single, scalable platform have produced a range of noteworthy products, but there’s one main question mark left in the automaker’s portfolio.

2013-07-08 12:59:25
2014 Mazda6 Goes up to 40 MPG With i-ELOOP System

The 2014 Mazda6 is receiving a regenerative braking system known as i-ELOOP, and the automaker revealed today that it will be part of a $2,080 optional pack, and that it will increase the 6′s efficiency by 2 mpg across the board.

2013-06-28 10:53:07
2014 Mazda3 Fresh News Revealed

Planned to make its premiere later today, full details and a large package of picture of the brand-new 2014 Mazda 3 have leaked online.

2013-06-03 12:30:52
Next Gen Mazda2 will be Constructed on Lowered CX-5 Platform

HOT information: the next-gen Mazda2 will be constructed on the same base as the CX-5 crossover.

2013-05-27 13:04:03
Mazda Shares $50,000 for Tornado Aid

Mazda has joined the bulk of brands that have chipped in cash and cars to assist the victims of a furious tornado that touched-down in Moore, Oklahoma.

2013-05-16 13:21:49
Mazda Assigns Masamichi Kogai as Future CEO

Now that Mazda is getting its first benefit in 5 years, the brand has assigned Masamichi Kogai to substitute current CEO Takashi Yamanouchi.

2013-05-15 14:20:37
Chrysler, Mazda Cars Under Examination for Different Purposes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has initiated two different examinations into older Chrysler and Mazda cars for various problems.

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