2017-07-27 15:39:54

McLaren's Next Hypercar Will be Mental

McLaren P15 pic

Hypercar McLaren P15, which is the newest model of British machine builders, will be presented in 2018. The vehicle will be equipped with a power plant with a capacity of 789 hp. This is evidenced by the data voiced by insiders.

Officially, McLaren does not confirm the information that a new hypercard will be released soon. At the same time, insiders, referring to "proven sources", assure that McLaren specialists are instructed to develop an extreme machine, oriented to track driving. It is assumed that the new car will outperform the legendary model McLaren P1, the unit which produces a performance of 727 horsepower.

According to insiders, in the engine compartment of the hypercar McLaren P15 will be located 3.8-liter installation with eight cylinders and a double turbo. Now such a machine is equipped with models McLaren 720S and 650S. At the same time, the motor will be upgraded, which will increase its productivity. According to rumors, the weight of the new car will not exceed 1,300 kilograms, while the mass of the model McLaren P1 is 1,547 kg. Hypercar McLaren P15 will cost the buyer 840 000 pounds sterling. The debut of the car will take place in the framework of the international automobile exhibition in Geneva.

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