2017-12-25 14:53:02

U.S., Meet The 1st North American McLaren F1 Service Centre

McLaren F1 pic

Now American customers do not have to ship their F1 to the United Kingdom for maintenance anymore.

The F1 from McLaren has fully changed the definition of a supercar. It achieved tops no other vehicle had before.

Every single F1 around the globe has to be treated in the best possible way. The producer from Great Britain is aware of this. It i opening the 1st dedicated service centre for the F1 in North America that will be operated by McLaren Philadelphia. However, it will work separately from the main retail facility.

The centre will replicate the services that are provided by MSO at the headquarters. It is just the 2nd authorized facility. The staff in Philadelphia have been educated by MSO professionals on the complete F1 service experience.

As far as we know, there are more than 20 units under consideration that are located in North America now. The owners will not have to ship their vehicles to the U.K. for repairs and maintenance.

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