2017-03-06 14:43:41

A Teaser For Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT pic

Imagine the AMG GT Coupe with 2 more doors and then you will be able to see this sedan in your imagination.

Having released the 1st teaser picture of the 4-door GT Concept from Mercedes-AMG for the Motor Show held in Geneva, the brand provides several small glimpses of the sedan on video. The footage is short, but shows enough angles to state the model’s beauty.

During those 14 seconds, you will get a tiny chance to see some parts of the GT Concept. In the front part you will see a wide enclosure reminding of the 2-door offerings as well as vertical slats like the GT R and GT C. There are active vanes on the lower fascia. Regular side mirrors disappeared and there are rear-facing cameras in their place. At the back you will see 3-dimensional taillights with a mix of LEDs. They seem to be rather futuristic ones. A large single-exit exhaust can be found in the middle of the bumper at the back. The wheels also fall in line with the overall fantastic look. They feature copper-coloured centres and aluminium spokes.

This concept previews a 4-door unit from the brand. It should join the ongoing GT Coupe and Roadster.

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