2017-05-29 15:59:26

Dream About Brabus G500 4*4 2

Mercedes-Benz G500 pic

Get ready for a Brabus-tuned, Carlex Design-converted G-Class from Mercedes-Benz!

The G500 4x4² has been acknowledged to be one of the most capable offroaders around the globe. It is a perfect car for “a trip to the end of the world and back”, as people say. Besides the regular model, there also is a Brabus-tuned unit. Carlex Design can take care of the vehicle’s interior for you.

According to Carlex Design, their main aim was to make a sporty, modern look with certain accents on the body shade. Most of the surfaces inside the cabin are covered with perforated Alcantara leather featuring some black leather inserts with perforated motifs. You will also get a few decorative panels on the dash featuring carbon fibber finish.

The car rides with an updated 4.0-litre eight-cylinder bi-turbo motor. It is able to deliver 500 hp at 5,600 rpm and torque of 523 pound-feet.  

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