2018-06-28 20:41:28

Engine Plant From Mercedes In Poland

Engine Plant From Mercedes In Poland

The company will assemble 48-volt mild hybrid powerplants.

Mercedes-Benz is looking into electrified models. It has almost finished an innovated engine factory in Poland. V4 diesel and petrol units with mild-hybrid systems will be gathered.

The plant will feature a CO2-neutral footprint and will give work to more than 1,000 people. Production should start in 2019.

The factory in Jawor will provide motors for traditional ICE-powered vehicles and hybrids which will feature a 48-volt electric set-up. 100% of energy will be obtained from renewable sources. Energy distribution and consumption will be monitored and controlled via touch screens in real time.

The company announced it reached record sales in Poland in 2017. There was a 40% increase in comparison with 2016.