2016-11-04 17:16:48

GT4 From Mercedes-AMG Should Come Out Soon

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT pic

There are so many high-performance sport sedans in the range of the German automaker, but AMG is going to add another one. The company wants to develop their own vehicle with 603 hp.

According to the reports, AMG will call the vehicle the GT4. It will come out in a concept form. The production variant should be expected in 2019.

The model’s design is somewhat similar to the GT and Theophilius Chin’s rendering. The MRA chassis was used for the car. High-strength and aluminium steel will help to drop some weight. The car will be equipped with a unique suspension layout.

The GT 4 will receive the 4.0-litre bi-turbo eight-cylinder engine. The other powerplant parts will be similar to the high-end E-Series, for example, FWD and a dual-clutch transmission.

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