2017-10-31 23:34:23

Improved retro-model Mercedes received a sky-high price tag

Improved retro-model Mercedes received a sky-high price tag

Mechatronik Engineering decided to improve and sell the Mercedes-W111 retro model.

The car had a 5.5-liter V8 and a price of $ 465,000. At one time, Mercedes-Benz was doing a two-door W11 in the back of the coupe. It was during the period of 1961-1971. There was also a car in the form of a sedan and a cabriolet.

Motor range included various engines of volume 2.2-3.5 liters. The hands of experts Mechatronik Engineering was made W111 in a more modern exterior design, but with the notes of the original. Innovations in a small amount can be found in the cabin. However, the main attraction of the car is under its hood.

The new W111 has a 5.5-liter V8 from the Mercedes-AMG SLK 55 with a capacity of 360 "horses". The dynamics of the improved W111 remains unknown. It is worth highlighting the new modern brakes of the car. The salon with leather adds more elegance and luxury to the model. Inside, many components are original, like the steering wheel itself.