2017-05-20 15:08:35

LinkedIn, Meet 2019 Mercedes A-Class!

Mercedes-Benz A-Class pic

Mercedes-Benz has learned a new option to tease the coming-soon offering.

The company published pictures of a camouflaged A-class prototype on the LinkedIn. If someone has forgotten, LinkedIn is a business networking platform. Dieter Zetsche is sitting next to the test car. He describes the unit under consideration as “special” and says that the camo will be gone sometime in 2018. The pictures show a recent test drive along with other new cars, such as the coming-soon CLS.

Zetsche says the company is going to expand the range of compact offerings up to 8 vehicles. All of them will feature more advanced assistance set-ups.

The A-Class development features one of the most capable climatic wind tunnels in the world. It is able to stimulate temperatures that vary between -40 to +60 degrees Celsius. Besides, wind speeds can go up to 165 mph. 

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