2016-10-26 12:54:57

Meet Mercedes X-Class Truck Concept

Mercedes-Benz X-Class pic

Mercedes has disguised its new truck concept, a small pick-up.

The German company decided to show the model in various variants. So, it rolled out the X-Class Stylish Explorer and the X-Class Powerful Adventurer. These examples are off-road and high-end.

The producer wants to launch the X-Class in South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Europe and Brazil by the end of next year. Bringing the truck to the United States is still being considered.

The company’s high-end trucks are going to receive a six-cylinder diesel engine joined to 4Matic 4-wheel drive, 2 differential locks and a transfer case with low gears.

There will be a 5-link rear axle with coil springs at the vehicle’s back. The X-Class will also feature the newest technology.

The concept’s face is familiar to the automaker’s SUVs and crossover, but beefed up.

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