2017-07-17 23:55:13

Mercedes A-Class Render Turns Sedan Concept Into A Hatchback

Mercedes-Benz A-Class pic

Mercedes has prepared a lot on its place now.

The producer is finishing the X-Class and G-Class, getting ready the next CLS and the 4-door AMG GT. Besides, it is developing the innovated A-Class family set with space for more members than ever. Not counting the regular body design, the range will feature the A-Class Sedan. It will be a cheaper option to the CLA. A “mini G-Class” GLB is also possible, according to the rumours.

This 5-door hatch will be the 1st for the innovated A-Class family. The smallest automaker’s vehicle will be presented in 2018. It will herald the MFA2 platform and enhancements on all fronts in comparison to the compact cars.

There were lots of photos and teasers showing the A-Class hatch. It looks somewhat bigger. Meanwhile the Concept A Sedan has shown what should be expected inside.

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