2017-03-27 15:49:52

Mercedes And Complaint Over EQ Name

Mercedes-Benz eQ pic

Chery has come up with an EV called "eQ."

Mercedes inaugurated the EQ sub-brand of EV at 2016 Motor Show held in Paris with the Generation EQ concept. A large family of electric cars is developing and GLC bodies are tested on the roads. Daimler, the parent company, is going to market these vehicles throughout the world. However, it can face some problems with the “EQ” name in China. Chery Automobile has filed a trademark complaint against Mercedes concerning the use of the aforementioned moniker.

Chery has been selling a completely electric city vehicle by the same name “eQ” since 2014. A spokesman says that if it goes to China, it would influence the trademark rights.

A spokesperson for Mercedes stated that the automaker with the 3-pointed star logo has provided the needed papers to the authorities in China to register the “EQ” nameplate.

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