2018-07-23 18:35:50

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan declassified for Europe

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan declassified for Europe

Mercedes-Benz showed the first teaser of a European A-Class sedan.

The press service of the Germans informs that the car will receive one of the lowest coefficients of resistance in commercial vehicles - 0.22.

The new sedan is made on the modular architecture of the MFA. The wheelbase in size was 2.729 m. The design of the novelty is very similar to the hatch of the same name. Sedan introduced a new radiator with the function of automatically opening the "blinds" for the best cooling of the engine compartment, if necessary, as well as the newest spoiler.

The vehicle is equipped with a new multimedia Mercedes-Benz User Experience, which replaced Comand. AI knows how to self-learn, so after a while, the system will understand any complex commands of its driver.

In Europe, the new Mercedes-Benz sedan will go on sale in late 2018. A-Class will be produced by a German company in Rastatt and a Mexican plant in Aguascalientes.