2017-01-20 18:52:08

Mercedes-Benz Wants To Provide More High-End SUVs

Mercedes-Benz GLS pic

A Mercedes-Maybach SUV can be added to the company’s high-end range.

Like lots of other companies, Mercedes-Benz wants to benefit from the booming crossover and SUV segments with a portfolio of goods that are loved by everyone. Now the automaker’s range is expansive with the GLC, GLS, GLA, GLE and G-Wagon vehicles.

The producer from Germany wants to add new crossovers as a part of the EQ electric sub-brand in future. One of them should come out in 2019.

The head of R&D said he does not believe that SUVs have peaked. They were the first ones to venture the premium-SUV segment. According to him, variety is the key. The company will also consider the desires of its customers.

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