2017-07-20 14:58:21

Mercedes-Benz reviewing 3 million diesels in Europe

Mercedes-Benz reviewing 3 million diesels in Europe pic

Daimler Corporation, was forced to recall three million diesel vehicles to carry out activities to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

On the same day, the new X-Class ute was introduced. The statement of the head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche notes:

"The society is extremely concerned about the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Customer opinion is very important for Mercedes. That is why we have developed a set of measures to stabilize the trust of end customers. The drive systems in our cars have low CO2 emissions. Based on the company's vast experience in advanced development, the new line of cars will meet the new established quality standards and minimize harmful emissions. "

Recall that this is an extension of the current "service action", which is in the process of updating one version of the diesel engines used in its "compact cars". About 45 percent of these cars in Europe receive a correction so far. In addition, 75% of European V-class owners have taken similar maintenance actions.

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