2018-07-05 18:29:14

Mercedes-Benz sculpture will help you learn more about the electric supercar

Mercedes-Benz eQ pic

Mercedes-Benz presented a sculpture of a supercar for one seat, which is made in the style of aerodynamic cars from the 30s of the XX century.

The sculpture is a general design solution for an electric prototype that will publicly debut in a month at the Pebble Beach Elegance Competition.

The design solution of the sculpture is called Aesthetics Progressive Luxury and it was designed with a focus on the Mercedes-Benz W125 Rekordwagen. By the way, this car, driven by the German racer Rudolf Caracciola, in the beginning of 1938 became speed record, namely, on the Frankfurt am Main avenue - Darmstadt. The car accelerated to 432.7 km/h.

Preliminary data indicate that the prototype, which will be created in a single variant, will be the image flagship of the EQ sub-brand. The power of installing the machine will be higher than that of the SLS AMG Electric Drive (4 electric motors provide power in 751 hp and 1000 Nm).

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