2017-01-20 18:51:09

New Touchpad For The 2018 Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate pic

The new-gen C-Class is rather new, but the W205 sedan was presented 3 years ago in Detroit.

The prototype of S205 wagon will receive a mid-cycle nip and tuck. There will be no serious exterior upgrades because we see that just the front bumper is hidden.

The test car was fitted with the regular halogen headlamps. However earlier shots of paparazzi exposed the C-Class will get a new set of full-LED headlamps and a mild update for the taillights. The bumper at the back will also have some cosmetic surgery.

When you virtually get inside the prototype’s interior as it sports a new touchpad for the infotainment set-up everything gets even more interesting.

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