2017-08-29 14:35:53

Next Year's Mercedes CLS Seen With Almost No Camouflage

Next Year's Mercedes CLS Seen With Almost No Camouflage

The CLS from Mercedes is connecting the gap between the S-Class and E-Class. It is being developed for the 3rd generation and will come out soon.

It will still be a sedan with a heavily inclined roofline. It will make it look differently from he E even though the unit is based on it. Meanwhile, the vehicle will move away from the sporty 4-door GT liftback.

A near-production prototype is resting on 19-inch alloys. It features just a thin strip of black camouflage to hide away the hot 4-door form. It is equipped with all the final body parts. Expect teh official debut sometime soon. Take a look at the front enclosure which is dominated by large 3-pointed star badge and flanked by the sleek headlamp clusters.

The fixed glass on the side is bigger now. Could the doors be a little bit longer due to this? Then the wheelbase has been stretched and there will be more room for passenger’s legs at the back.