2017-12-06 15:44:04

Next Year's Sprinter From Boasted Its Cabin

Next Year's Sprinter From Boasted Its Cabin

The dash of the next-gen Sprinter Mercedes-Benz has been disclosed before the van’s debut that is scheduled for next February.

The released pics show top-spec variants of the Sprinter with speed limiter, remote operation of the electric sliding side doors, climate control air conditioning, heated electric front seats with 3 memory settings and cruise control.

Besides, Wi-Fi hot spot functionality, an array of USB ports and a colour multi-function screen in the dash will be available.

There will be a big and wide touchscreen infotainment set-up in the centre of the dash. The screen can be matched with the Mercedes Pro Connect fleet management system as well. This provides vehicle data checking, real-time job and load management.

The offering under consideration will be produced in the 2nd quarter of the next year.