2013-05-29 12:56:10

No Mercedes E-Class Coupe AMG: Product Chief

No Mercedes E-Class Coupe AMG: Product Chief

With nearly every Mercedes vehicle receiving an AMG version, E-Class coupe supporters have been thinking a lot and guessing, “Where’s the E63 AMG?”

The 2014 E-Class model, which looks trendy and sporty as ever, is definitely missing a flagship performance car, a decision that even the automaker regrets. Starting sales this summer, the absence seems weird, especially given that product chief Gerd Junginger informing that “it’s the most suitable vehicle to be an AMG.”

Unluckily it’s too late in the car cycle for the German brand to change its mind and add an AMG version, but Junginger assured that next time AMG and Mercedes wouldn’t repeat the same mistake.

Seems like the next-gen E-Class coupe is guaranteed an AMG version which will be convenient, taking into consideration the E400 has just 333 hp from its twin-turbo V6.