2018-05-21 15:25:24

Some Info About 2020 S-Class' High-Tech Interior From Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz S-Class pic

The automaker wants to provide the cabin with large digital screens featuring touchpad controls.

As it has been previously reported, the next-generation S-Class from Mercedes-Benz should be a technological tour-de-force capable of cutting-edge adaptive headlamps and lots of carbon fibber reinforced plastic to decrease its weight. According to the latest details, the unit’s cabin will have a bevy of high-tech things as well.

The Ultimate Luxury Concept from Mercedes-Maybach hints at the general layout of the aforementioned model. The high-end SUV has 2 wide glass panels. A similar styling can be found on the next-generation GLE-Class. The automaker wants to enlarge the use of he touchpad control interface from offerings like the newest E- and A-Class.

The innovated S-Class should be presented in two years.

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