2016-11-07 15:29:57

Styling Of The 2018 Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes-Benz A-Class pic

Mercedes has provided its tiniest vehicle with a subtle facelift back in 2015. Now the automaker wants to focus on a 4th-gen one.

Its codename is W177. The car should arrive by the end of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018. Paparazzi have already snapped the heavily camouflaged prototypes. This happened during testing. Let’s try to imagine how the next iteration of the 5-door hatchback will look like.

The innovated A-Class will be equipped with sleeker full-LED headlamps. The car will be wider and longer. The vehicle will be more practical and feature more room thankfully to the bump in footprint. More knee and legroom and enhanced cargo capacity will make long journeys a pleasure.

The analog dials will go away and will be replaced with a fully-digital instrument cluster. The company will probably provide an optional kit for that.

Actually, it will not be a completely new model as the 2018 A-Class will use the 2nd iteration of the company’s MFA. The size growth will be compensated because the producer will use more aluminium.

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