2016-10-12 15:36:48

Wireless Charging From 2017 Mercedes S550e Plug-In

Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe pic

The next year’s Mercedes-Benz S550e plug-in hybrid will be possible to obtain with a wireless electric charging set-up.

Qualcomm offers this system. This is going to become the 1st example of wireless electric charging provided by the factory. The S550e has to be parked over top of a pad on the ground in order to activate the system. Then the power can be sent at 90% efficiency. Qualcomm assures that Formula E BMW safety vehicle helped to create and test the set-up.

A range of coils in the pad sends the power with the help of a dense magnetic field and now it works at 3.6 kW. Qualcomm assures that more energy is possible to transfer with the help of a certain application. 125 kW charging will be provided for heavy busses. Moreover, the efficiency should be enhanced.

There also should be an innovated in-road charging set-up allowing the EVs to charge while riding.

More information will come after the arrival of the latest S55oe from Mercedes in 2017.

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