2017-05-17 14:35:32

Latest News On Mini Sedan And Superleggera Roadster

Mini Rocketman pic

Don’t expect the Mini range to get any more body design additions through the course of the current generation.

According to the sources, this generation will be cut down to 5 existing body styles: a convertible, 3-ddor hatchback, 4-door hatchback, the Clubman wagon and the Countryman SUV.

If this info is on the money, the 2014 Superleggera Vision roadster concept will not go into production. The source states that the shrinking size of the small sports vehicle market made it rather hard to manufacture such a car at a profit.

There is a smaller Mini hatch originated on the 2011 Roketman concept. It looks like the automaker decided that the market for a more compact was too small.

Thinking of the 3rd-gen range, the producer has already culled some niche offerings, such as the roadster, coupe and Paceman 3-door crossover. 

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