2017-05-12 12:32:44

Paparazzi Caught Mini Convertible And Cooper S Hiding A Light Facelift

Mini Cooper S pic

Expect to see subtle revision for the Minis.

Having seen the slightly upgraded Mini hardtop back in April, we are ready to check out its droptop counterpart. The revisions will be really light. The amount of camouflage, applied to the unit proves it. At the front you will see halogen headlamps partially covered with black and yellow disguise. It is also applied around the clusters and above the enclosure.

The changes at the back will be more serious. The prototype is hiding the taillights under stickers masking fresh graphics, we suppose. The identical 2-tone camo was used on the model’s trunk lid the bumper.

If to compare spy photos of the hardtop offering with the cabrio ones, it looks like Mini is hiding away the same parts. The two vehicles will go through almost identical upgrades. Expect to see an upgraded infotainment system and new trims and colours to further enhancement.

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