2016-08-29 14:43:20

3,700 Disappointed Customers of Nissan

Nissan Leaf pic

Bruno Marcoux, the owner of Nissan Leaf gathered together a group of people who want to get a fully-electric hatch cheaper.

More than 2,500 customers decided to use this offer. The whole number of the interested ones equals to 3,700. However, the discussion between Bruno and Nissan Canada did not bring any good.

Marcoux believed that the vehicle’s price will be brought down to $200,000 CAD. That’s about $15,500 along with the incentives. The company’s president made up a decision to refuse the deal. As a result, thousands of people were disappointed.  The decision was motivated by letting everybody know that the vehicle under consideration can already be obtained cheaper ($6,200) with the help of Quebec’s incentive for electrical vehicles.

Several months ago there was a successful group buy in Colorado. Through the SWEEP, 248 models were sold with a huge discount of $8,349 with the assistance of Nissan America and the dealership. The Leaf’s price was lowered to $12,130. Taking into consideration the electrical vehicle’s $29,010 MSRP in America for the 2016MY, that’s very impressive.

There were some among the 3,700 disappointed clients who decided to wait until the Model 3 from Tesla goes into production next year. Currently there are 400,000 reservations for the electric sedan with the price tag of $35,000.

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