2017-10-29 18:51:49

Aggressive Look Of Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept

Aggressive Look Of Nissan Leaf Nismo Concept

The base variant of the latest Leaf from Nissan is much improved all its own after the presentation of the upgraded electric hatch, the brand from Japan unleashed a more potent version: the Leaf Nismo Concept.

It is finished in a 2-tone black-and white colour that features some red accents, the Leaf Nismo looks the part on the exterior. Now the sporty electric car is officially presented in Tokyo.

So, the most outstanding modifications are visible in the fascia. The Leaf got much-needed grunt thankfully to an added spoiler lip and a beefier front bumper. The car also received horizontal LED lamps.

New Nismo-branded wheel, a slightly lowered ride height and high-performance tyres, the profile of the concept under discussion looks quite enhanced. The hatch boasts a stiffer suspension set-up and thicker tyres. All this gives a more sportive drive. You will see a more aggressive diffuser and a centre-mounted fog light at the rear part of the Leaf.