2017-01-10 16:26:09

New Concept From Nissan Hints At the Company's Future

Nissan VMotion 2.0 pic

Nissan has presented an innovated concept at this year’s Auto Show held in Detroit. It previews the autonomous driving technology.

The VMotion 2.0 from Nissan is a concept for a fastback sedan. It looks like this is the most popular trend for sedans now. The concept features sharp lines and floating roof. Thankfully to the styling, it looks like a hyper-modernized variant of the Maxima. It can also preview the company’s plans for the sporty family sedan.

Sure, the most important thing is that the vehicle under consideration will be fully connected and provide fully autonomous driving capability making the mobility experience seamless for professionals that are constantly on the go.

The producer wants to provide zero fatalities and zero emissions. The concept’s ProPilot set-up advises how to reach this aim. There are no many details about the released technology. According to the Nissan, it is supposed to provide autonomous driving support technology on urban roads as well as at intersections.

The doors swing outward that this feature is quite interesting. It creates a wide opening without pillars. The cabin is quite modern and high-end.

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