2019-01-09 19:53:18

Nissan Leaf improved electric car introduced

Nissan Leaf improved electric car introduced

At the CES show in Las Vegas was marked by the debut of new Nissan Leaf.

This was the 'long-range' Leaf e +, which has a 62-kilowatt-hour battery. The energy density of the newest unit, while maintaining the same size, increased by 25%, while the range of an electric vehicle, according to the US EPA, increased by 121.7 km, reaching 364 km.

In addition to the newest battery that supports connection to 70-kilowatt charging stations, Nissan Leaf e + has gotten a stronger electrical unit with 160 kilowatts (218 horses with 340 Nm) power. The company said that the maximum speed increased to 158 km per hour.

Equipped with Nissan Leaf e + new multimedia with an 8.0-inch sensor that supports swipe gestures and scrolling. There is also a navigation system, supplemented by updating maps "by air", etc.