2017-10-18 22:53:20

Nissan made the concept of an electric car

Nissan made the concept of an electric car

The Nissan’s representatives circulated a teaser drawing while an unnamed concept, which will be shown next week in Tokyo.

In the edition of Inside EVs, they write that we have a profile of the precursor of the Japanese electric car. Nissan did not disseminate any detailed information on the prototype. The company only confirms that the novelty is not a serial, but acts as a prototype.

The machine, as they say in the company, "embodies the future of intelligent mobile solutions." By the way, in August it was said that Nissan would make an electric SUV. The world automaker even managed to choose the name for the model - Terra.

This Japanese trademark was registered in Malaysia. The basis of the SUV is the 2nd generation of the Leaf model. New Leaf saw the world a month ago. The car is equipped with a 150-horsepower engine, powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries for 40 kilowatt hours. "Hundred" is achieved in 7.9 seconds with a "maximum speed" of 378 kilometers.