2017-02-13 14:22:27

South Korean Court Claims That Qashkai From Nissan Cheated During Testing

Nissan Qashqai pic

A court in South Korea has upheld a government investigation finding that the Qashqai from Nissan used a defeat device in order to pass the oxides of nitrogen tests.

Sometime earlier, the Seoul Administrative Court stepped out against the automaker in a case brought by the producer against the government in South Korea.

The country’s government started real world emissions tests of twenty cars amidst the VW Dieselgate scandal. Back in 2016, the investigation decided that the automaker’s UK-manufactured Qashqai SUV featuring 1.6-litre turbo-diesel cheated its way past laboratory emissions tests.

The investigation learned that the model’s exhaust reduction set-up turned off at 25 degrees Celsius. That temperature limit would see the system out of operation during standard driving and permit the vehicle to emit more NOx gases than it was allowed.

Autocar reports that a spokesperson of South Korean government confirmed that other cars turned their set-ups off at about 50 degrees.

The automaker was fined 330 million and won $380,000. The producer had to make a recall for all 814 vehicles with the issue. The Qashqai’s sales were suspended.

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