2016-01-25 19:24:52

Buick Avista turns into Opel Calibra

Buick Avista turns into Opel Calibra

The outstanding Buick Avista Concept has lent its body to Opel in an innovated unofficial rendering, showing a Calibra sports coupe.

X-Tomi, the designer from Hungary, completed the vehicle’s design. Actually, this is the Avista Concept with Opel badges, restyled headlamps, radiator enclosure, front bumper and new five twin-spoke alloys.

We have heard rumours about a Calibra for years, but it looks like the German automaker has different intentions for the range. The company has already teased the innovated GT Concept which will be introduced at the Motor Show in Geneva. We are sure that the offering will reach production.

We remember the Opel Calibra as a two-door sports coupe based on the Vectra (the predecessor of Insignia). This model was produced by the automaker from 1989 to 1997. The car was famous for its drag coefficient (0.26) and was sold in Australia as the Holden Calibra and in South America as the Chevrolet Calibra. The total sales ended up with 239,118 models around the globe.

Back in 2007 the company presented the GTC Concept that was supposed to become a first try of a possible Calibra revival. However, there was no new offering with the name after that.