2016-09-14 19:01:44

Vauxhall Will Trial Ampera-e from Opel in UK

Opel Ampera pic

Vauxhall has stated its intentions on the coming-soon Opel Ampera-e EV in the United Kingdom.

The car is originated on the Chevrolet Bolt. It will be available in left-hand-drive on the old continent under the Opel brand. This will happen after the reveal at the Motor show held in Paris.

Vauxhall sold a right-hand-drive variant of the Chevy Volt-originated Opel Ampera between the 2012 and 2015 in the United Kingdom. It appeared to sell slowly (just 1300 of them were sold). The Volt was also possible to obtain the United Kingdom, but it appeared to be a better seller.

On the contrary, the latest Ampera-e gets its power from electricity. The range should be more than 250 miles, according to the government tests. As to the real-world performance, it should be 185 miles. By the way, this is more than VW e-Golf, BMW i3 or Nissan Leaf can offer.

The car receives power from a 60-kiliwatt-hour battery. Top speed stands at 93 mph.

The Chairman of Vauxhall says that they are committed to obtaining a future EV place in the range.

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