2018-12-14 19:55:48

Carlos Ghosn remains director of Renault

Carlos Ghosn remains director of Renault

The board of Renault directors decided not to dismiss Carlos Ghosn from the concern head post.

The French believe that his remuneration "complied with the law applicable to him." Thierry Bollore has become a belt president.

Autocar writes that Carlos Ghosn is arrested now. Japanese prosecutors accused 64-year-old specialist in concealing incomes about more than $44 million.

The prosecutor's office believes that the ex-director of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi over the past 5 years has declared 50% of own revenues. Undeclared funds should be paid to him only after leaving the group as a severance pay. Japanese law informs, that severance pay must likewise be declared.

Ghosn doesn't plead guilty in this case, stating during interrogations that he is innocent.