2013-12-06 02:14:45

Renault Captur Celebrates 100,000 Vehicles Produced

Renault Captur Celebrates 100,000 Vehicles Produced

Renault proved once again that it's still the master of vehicle design, Renault has constructed the Captur urban crossover, which combines the practical characteristics of the Modus MPV and catchy appearance.

Renault has made all the things simple on the motor front, with only a bit of units and outputs, but kept it interesting with a lot of interior color accents and stickers for the roof. Nowadays, the French automaker is celebrating the first milestone in terms of production, with 100,000 models constructed at the plant in Valladolid, Spain.

This is an important milestone for the French company, since the Captur was released in April 2013, 8 months ago only. That represents just how popular B-segment models are nowadays, especially well designed.

It has been rumored that the 100,000th ivory Captur with the black roof is heading to Japan, being the very first customer purchased it.

To mark the production achievement, all of the 2,600 Valladolid factory's employees got together for the send-off.