2016-12-12 14:58:28

Renault Kwid Expresses Gesturism

Renault Kwid Expresses Gesturism

BMW is famous for its art cars, but here is a much more humble unit from Renault.

There is a movement called “Gesturism”. The movement was founded by a French artist of Indian origin. His name is Sen Shombit. The author himself describes it as a “creative celebration of the limitless gestures of all living beings” from their birth and to their death. The author also states that this vehicle is like a dialogue between design and painting, between technology and art, between the company and the artist.

Sen was born in Calcutta. He is 62. Shombit says that the manifesto of Gesturism art should contain the next: handmade craftsmanship which does not contain manipulative digital art, boundless energy in conduct of a human, shock of the difference, impromptu and unprompted, dynamic, awash with essential pulsations.

Renault India asked the artist to elaborate his own take in the pint-sized Kwint. It should be prepared for “Désordre”, an exhibition held in Barbizon until December 27th.