2018-02-21 16:47:05

Renault will develop an electric car with installation for 460 horsepower

Renault ZOE pic

The Renault Sport division is now engaged in active work today on the sporting version of the electric hatchback Zoe.

About this informs the head of Renault Sport Patrice Ratti. For the media Ratti said that the company is thinking about building a Zoe RS model - a racing electric mini-car. The project seems really great work, requiring a lot of time. But by applying innovations in the performance of batteries, creating a similar machine now is more possible.

A couple of years ago Renault did not even dream about it. About any technical aspects of the future car Patrice Ratti did not say anything. Perhaps in motion Zoe RS will drive an electric motor with a maximum of 460 horsepower.

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