2017-06-02 16:28:53

Upgrades Of 2017 Renault Megane Hatchback

Renault Megane pic

This year’s Renault Megane hatchback has received equipment and option updates this week. This happened along with the launch of the new wagon and sedan variants of the automaker’s small vehicle.

Both mid-spec Zen and the entry-level Life variants can be obtained with the ADAS pack. It comes at a plant-featured option for $700. The package provides lane departure, AEB and automatic high beam.

The Megane GT-Line and GT warm hatchback has a sporty look. It receives the ADAS pack as regular equipment, adaptive cruise control and distance warning. You will be glad to hear that the GT-Line and GT will have the 8.7-inch portrait-style R-Link 2 infotainment set-up. Earlier it came optionally.

The managing boss for Renault Australia told that the Megane hatchback has got updates in specification.

The cost of the updated line-up will stay the same for the new model-year. You can order right now.

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