2016-10-21 14:56:12

EV From Seat Will Come Out In 2019

EV From Seat Will Come Out In 2019 pic

Seat wants to make its 1st completely electric car available to customers in 2019. We don’t know currently in what car the system will be presented.

The automaker can insert a VW-derived electric powerplant into the innovated offering. It also can place the batteries and motors into an already developed product. The refreshed Leon should be a perfect candidate as well as the coming-soon Ateca.

The rumour has it that the electric powertrain could be found in the Marbella compact crossover. This small car can feature the identical chassis with such models as the Seat Mii and VW Up. The model should be able to have a range of 124 miles on a single charge. Clients can pay a monthly fee for some period of time. Then the owners will be able to upgrade to a new electric vehicle with a more serious range.

The automaker has been playing with hybrids and electric cars for a long time. However, delivering them to the audience is slow. Stricter European emissions rules have made the producer to perceive greener driving more seriously.

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