2015-08-31 14:21:23

Next Year's Smart Fortwo Cabrio Pre-Release

Next Year's Smart Fortwo Cabrio Pre-Release

Convertible product of Smart was shown to the world ahead of the official September presentation in Germany.

Novelty of the 2016 variant derives from the very body type: naturally, a “cabrio” model has roof railings which can be detached. Sunshine roof of the predecessor did not manage to provide the total convertible experience, which was generously taken into consideration and corrected by the designers of the new car. Nevertheless, owners of ForTwo Cabrio can return to the previous variant, which is foreseen by the construction.

Joyride will not be spoiled as the top can manage to be folded at full speed and in only a dozen of seconds. External retraction is also thrown in.

Compared to coupe modification, the cabriolet is engineered to have a 15% power gain in terms of torsion tests. However, modestly equipped double 3V mill put under the back bonnet does not differ from that of the predecessor regarding the capacity. Buyers of the offering can choose between the manual and automatic gearbox.

Availability schedule of the next year’s Cabrio by Smart ForTwo looks in the following way: September – first appearance in Frankfurt, November – ordering begins, February 2016 – dealership release.