2015-04-23 16:14:46

Steering Issue in Smart Fortwo caused a Recall

Steering Issue in Smart Fortwo caused a Recall

Smart is making a recall for the Fortwo subcompact because of a possible problem with its steering bolt.

Mercedes-Benz, the parent company, has stated that 5,058 Smart Fortwos are being recalled in America. All because of bolts which could loosen the steering with the lapse of time. There are the 2014-2015 Smart Fortwo convertible and coupe models between the affected vehicles. Besides them, the 2014 Fortwo Electric convertible and coupe also fall under the issue. If to believe the recall filing with the NHTSA, some bolts attaching the steering gear to the front cross member may have been produced incorrectly. They could break apart with the lapse of time because of this.

If this occurs, the helm will tilt and the stability control warning light will be seen. The German producer started investigating the problem after it had received several complaints. The broken bolts were found on the cross member. Luckily, no accidents or injuries over the issue have been reported.

The cars under consideration will be taken to Smart dealerships in order to have the steering-gear mounting bolts replaced.