2015-12-01 13:05:27

One More Record Breaking Year for Subaru in American Sales

One More Record Breaking Year for Subaru in American Sales

Subaru has revealed that this year proved to be one more record braking sales year for the producer in the U.S.

This year’s sales overcame the current record of 513,693 cars sold. The record was set last year. So far, it is the 8th automaker’s consecutive year of sales growth. Besides, it is the 7th record setting year of sales in a row. The Japanese producer has another full month to go, therefore it has a chance to set an even higher record.

It is not a surprise that Subaru’s crossovers are sold best of all. The Outback, Forest and Crosstrek made up nearly 350,000 units per year. All these things are pushing the automaker to release an innovated 7-seat crossover. It will be created to replace the Tribeca in the producer’s range. Do not expect to see it earlier than in a year.

The CEO of Subaru of America says that he is delighted to celebrate one more record. The continued growth grounds on strong products and prominent retailers that provide a successful customer experience. He thanked all the retailers for their commitment in setting the record. As the consumer demand exists, the CEO expects a strong close of the current year.