2017-08-09 13:44:07

A New Distance Record On A Single Charge Was Set By Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S pic

Almost 670 miles were driven on a single charge by a team of Italian Tesla owners.

The Model S P100D from Tesla saw its charging port sealed by a lawyer for the record attempt. 5 drivers took part in it. They were touring southern Italy during 29 hours. The usual production car was fitted with low rolling resistance tyres and its air conditioning was off for the route. The drivers took advantage of Autopilot to keep a constant speed in the middle of the lane.

The previous record was set this June. Then a Model S P100D rode 560 miles on a single charge. This happened in Belgium. The company’s CEO stated it was the 1st time when a production EV had driven more than 621 miles on a single charge.

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