2018-05-12 12:17:34

An unknown novelty from Tesla: what is this?

An unknown novelty from Tesla: what is this?

Tesla Motors distributed a photo that hints at the company's future cars.

Behind the camouflage was hidden some unknown kind of car. Perhaps this compact crossover Model Y.

It used to be said that a new crossover on electricity will appear in 2 years. The launch of the SUV was supposed to take place in 2019, but the Americans shifted the plan because of the failure of the start of the commodity budgetary Model 3.

Tesla is creating a new architecture for a compact crossover, which is based on the Model Y, thereby accelerating process of creating an SUV. Certain technical parts and style novelty will come from Model X. For example, a compact cross will provide branded doors from behind ("wings of a falcon"). Plus Tesla Model Y can get 2 motors and battery kits.